For “Telling Tales Film and Audio Festival: Stand Up, Stand Out” David Pavlosky’s Stand Up, Stand Out opened the 2018 Telling Tales International Film and Audio Documentary Festival, as audiences witnessed a new and beautiful instalment of contemporary LGBT Cinema. The title itself refers to the art of stand-up comedy and the presentation of standing out in protest or in performance. Stand Up, Stand Out... Continue Reading →


For “Monochrome – DVD/VOD Review”

The young girlfriend of a pension fraudster is on the run. A Synesthesia-suffering investigator is after her. Monochrome parallels two character journeys, eventually interlocking, and transcending into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Monochrome begins with an externally shot house raid in London, displaying Emma Rose (Land Girls’ Jo Woodcock) hiding behind a car […]... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Aftermath’ (2017)

Schwarzenegger is a serious role. Based on true events, Aftermath presents two individual journeys before, during and after a fatal collision between two planes. Schwarzenegger's Roman and Scoot McNairy's Jake are both victims in this tragedy, but victims standing on opposite sides of the tragedy. Opening with Roman's chapter/story, we see that he is a construction... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘The Greasy Strangler’ (2016)

Trash Cinema is beautiful cinema. The What's on TV television guide suggested The Greasy Strangler to be a one-star film - did they even watch it? A pushing 70 (maybe 80) father and his weird, still-at-home son run bogus tours within a malnourished town of where star musicians of yesteryear had an experience, of which the father was... Continue Reading →

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