For “Allure – DVD Review”

Allure is one of the latest additions to LGBT cinema, though this entry is disturbing to the extent that it is likely to be locked, hidden away, and completely forgotten about. First-time directors, Carlos and Jason Sanchez, direct Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood in what is being labelled a “dark psychosexual drama” by distributors Eureka Entertainment. […]... Continue Reading →


For “You Were Never Really Here – Blu-Ray Review”

Disturbing as he is terrifying, a powerhouse Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line) performance dominates in the gritty and impactful You Were Never Really Here, adapted from Jonathan Ames’ book of the same name, directed by Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin). Shrouded in mystery, the face of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joe remains anonymous for... Continue Reading →

For “Telling Tales Film and Audio Festival: The Illuminators”

Antti Haase’s The Illuminators (Valontuojat) – the best film of this year’s Telling Tales – is a beautiful story of family history combined with Lapland’s electronic evolution. Opening with a helicopter journey, Antti presents stunning imagery of Lapland and its powerlines. Antti’s grandfather, the legendary Gunnar Haase, is of a said legendary status because he […]... Continue Reading →

For “Telling Tales Film and Audio Festival: MMU Student Shorts”

On both the first and last days of Telling Tales, audiences were treated to a selection of the finest short films from first-year undergraduate students. The student shorts were presenting a portrait style of story-telling. Some students constructed documentaries around their family – including their own persons – whilst others focused on an interesting individual […]... Continue Reading →

For “Telling Tales Film and Audio Festival: Stand Up, Stand Out” David Pavlosky’s Stand Up, Stand Out opened the 2018 Telling Tales International Film and Audio Documentary Festival, as audiences witnessed a new and beautiful instalment of contemporary LGBT Cinema. The title itself refers to the art of stand-up comedy and the presentation of standing out in protest or in performance. Stand Up, Stand Out... Continue Reading →

For “Monochrome – DVD/VOD Review”

The young girlfriend of a pension fraudster is on the run. A Synesthesia-suffering investigator is after her. Monochrome parallels two character journeys, eventually interlocking, and transcending into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Monochrome begins with an externally shot house raid in London, displaying Emma Rose (Land Girls’ Jo Woodcock) hiding behind a car […]... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Aftermath’ (2017)

Schwarzenegger is a serious role. Based on true events, Aftermath presents two individual journeys before, during and after a fatal collision between two planes. Schwarzenegger's Roman and Scoot McNairy's Jake are both victims in this tragedy, but victims standing on opposite sides of the tragedy. Opening with Roman's chapter/story, we see that he is a construction... Continue Reading →

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