Watching Films in the AMC (Manchester) During the Daytime…

Nowadays, I tend to watch newly-released films in Manchester’s AMC cinema complex – it’s cheap and quiet – how I like it.

Of all the cinemas I have attended in Greater Manchester, no cinema is as empty or quiet during the daytime as the AMC.

Wonderfully, I find it fascinating when I’m one of (possibly) 7 people in a screening of a mainstream movie, but I find it reminiscent of mostly-empty screens that I have seen in the movies, so I’m a fan of the low attendances of screenings. But it’s not just the screenings that are lowly-attended, it’s the building itself, of which I usually find just one employee at the box office and no queue – I love it.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be my next viewing at the AMC – I’m seeing it a week after its release during the morning of that day – despite the titanic size of this sci-fi blockbuster, I’m already excited to be among the empty seats during my viewing.

The AMC:

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