For “Manchester Film Festival: Bernard and Huey”

Friendships can last a lifetime, but they can also last for five minutes. Friendships can end, but then resume after years apart. Friends can see friends reverse roles, but for roles to reserve again. In Bernard and Huey, old friends are reunited, but only for disastrous consequences. The origin of Bernard and Huey lies within […]... Continue Reading →


For “Manchester Film Festival: Painted Woman”

James Cotten’s female-led western, Painted Woman, opened the 2018 Manchester Film Festival, and audiences witnessed a presentation of a female hero braking from her constraints and ensuring that the next generation is safer from paedophilia, prostitution and physical abuse. Painted Woman’s plot features two story chapters: one depressing and the other much more uplifting. Opening […]... Continue Reading →

For “Throwback 10: Rambo”

Having successfully brought life back into the Rocky franchise with Rocky Balboa in 2006, it was inevitable that actor-writer-director, Sylvester Stallone, would bring back John Rambo for one last mission. With the new film, Rambo, being the fourth in the franchise, the title character had already been through a lot of hell in the previous... Continue Reading →

For “Obscure Movie Villains: The Torch from ‘Replicant'”

Released in 2001 and directed by Hong Kong legend, Ringo Lam, Replicant is both the best outing from within Van Damme’s direct-to-video career and Lam’s career in the US. Replicant presents a present-day-story with futuristic elements – essentially, this direct-to-video masterpiece was an action/sci-fi hybrid. Furthermore, and most importantly, Replicant presents Van Damme is his best villainous role, The Torch... Continue Reading →

For “Cop Land: A failed comeback for Sly Stallone”

Back in the 1990s, indie-produced films – significantly, those made by Miramax – were challenging the Hollywood supreme. The biggest and best is example is undoubtedly, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction from 1994. Three years later, however, post-prime action star, Sylvester Stallone, landed in Miramax’s Cop Land, in another attempt at revitalising his career. In the […]... Continue Reading →

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